Girl’s Night Out

Have yourself a cheeky girl’s night and set the tone with a male stripper… or two. Spice up the night with fancy drinks, heart racing excitement and erotic entertainment. There’s nobody quite like Manchester male strippers to get the temperature rising and stimulate the girls, whether they are staying in or going out. Arrange your girl’s only night out at a local venue and get ready to raise eyebrows. Shock the lasses with a surprise visit from a hot and sexy male stripper and give them a lady’s night to remember!

Traditionally, a girl’s night implies getting together with the lasses, either at home or out on the town and discussing problems with men over drinks. So… why not add a little excitement and fire up the girls for the occasion? Give the girls a teasing seductive strip to talk about or a hot body to drool over and book a male strip artist to heat up the night! Guaranteed to rise to the occasion, our boys are real crowd-pleasers.

At Manchester Male Strippers, we choose only the best adult entertainers and unleash them at girl’s nights in the surrounding Manchester area. Whether the girls are staying in, drinking local or having a night out… we have male strip artists and tongue in cheek drag queens ready and waiting! To book girl’s night male strippers or drag artists, call our party planning team to start the ball rolling. Our expert team will be happy to talk you through the whole booking process, ask the right questions and ensure that you have exactly what you want for your occasion.

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